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Chemical resistant labels

Chemical Resistant Labels Printed to Order

Our durable chemical resistant labels offer exceptional resistance to a huge range of chemicals and abrasive contact, making them the perfect choice for industrial labelling and for labels that need to be placed under-bonnet for example. You can choose standard labels or order labels to your specific size and shape specification. You can also choose to have your chemical resistant labels laminated to add even more durability, great for heavy-duty industrial usage. Your chemical resistant labels can be supplied blank or pre-printed with any label information that you require including product labels, barcodes, and QR codes.

Chemical resistant labels have to withstand extreme situations and be durable enough to remain intact after contact with a range of chemicals, or when placed in locations that require them to be abrasion resistant (such as on or near moving engine parts). We use only the best quality materials to produce our chemical resistant labels and print them to very high print standards using chemical and water resistant inks. Our chemical resistant labels are resistant to a whole host of chemicals including IPA, brake fluid, white spirit, acetone, xylene, ethanol, and fuel.

Our durable chemical resistant labels are sold at a very competitive price, and you can order your labels in a range of sizes, shapes, and adhesives, to fit your exact label requirements. Our speedy and professional custom label service ensures that all of our customers receive high quality, competitively priced chemical resistant labels that are tailored to their exact needs.

Custom order to your specifications

To order your custom chemical resistant labels head over to our custom labels page and fill out the label enquiry form provided. If you would prefer to place you order over the phone please contact us using our freephone number 0800 169 1980 (or email us to request a call back) to discuss you custom colour label requirements with a member of our friendly and professional staff.

No matter how complicated your chemical resistant label requirements, all of our custom made labels can be designed, produced, and shipped within 3-12 working days.

two chemical resistant labels for a cleaning spray bottle
a chemical resistant label wrap for a cleaning product
a roll of chemical resistant labels for food packaging

Why Choose Label Market?

We’re a well-established business with a wide range of new and repeat customers, who have an even wider range of label needs – all of which we have been able to meet. We are able to offer our customers great flexibility in terms of the label print runs that we offer, and our excellent team are very experienced and able to create well-designed labels, and offer guidance and advice on the best materials, finishes, and adhesives to use when making your labels.

Our equipment is state of the art and we create and print our custom made chemical resistant labels using the highest standard materials on the market. We offer a huge variety of size, colour, and finishes suitable for a wide range of uses and applications, and our eclectic mix of customers include those who order chemical resistant labels for a huge range of demanding industrial labelling applications.

Whether you need custom chemical resistant labels that are unprinted, or labels that are pre-printed with your company logo, product label, or barcode, or that are a specific size, shape or colour, are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, that can be used at high temperature, are tamper evident, or are compatible with Zebra, Datamax, Epson, Sato, Intermec, Primera, Citizen or most other major label printer brands, Label Market can custom create the perfect chemical resistant labels to your exact requirements.

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